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Alisa’s heart found its home in the frequency of the alchemy crystal bowls and it is what she uses as her primary tool of translation. She is a spiritual practitioner with a mind for science and research.  Alisa has developed a signature tapestry of techniques through her ongoing, immersive self- study with the bowls since 2015. Incorporating research into the healing properties and science of frequency, Alisa has written and taught her own introductory manual and course on frequency, breath and the nervous system. Alisa is also a Certified Stress Management Consultant, Registered Yoga Teacher, with extensive training in Advanced Yoga Nidra and Meditation, a Reiki Master and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is passionate about weaving these healing therapies together in what she refers to as The Medicine of Stillness, bringing balance and restoration to body, mind, heart and spirit. She brings her skills and expertise to work with families through her signature program Calm Kids, Resilient Families.
Alisa is the mother of four fabulous humans and two equally wonderful bonus kids. She lovingly partners with her husband Cameron, who joins her as a Medicine of Stillness Facilitator.
She is proud to be of Celtic and Métis heritage.


Cameron’s heart belongs to the Earth. He is a man deeply committed to working in harmony with nature. Cameron is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, as well as a Medicine of Stillness Facilitator, weaving his grounding energy with his loving wife, into the soundscapes of their Alchemy Sound Journeys. Cameron is also a masterful Carpenter, with incredible attention to maintaining harmony with the earth. He is also certified in regenerative soil practices and passionate about growing food. He is keenly in touch with the natural world, having spent much of his developmental years in the pristine landscapes of Northern Saskatchewan. He is a father to two amazing kids and bonus dad to four more.

These practices are an integral part of Alisa and Cameron's own lifestyle and they are always honored to be able to share them with others.

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