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Our souls are timeless.

The experiences our souls venture through leave lasting impressions on our current incarnation. These impressions may manifest in various ways to impact our daily lives. They can arise as challenges in areas, leaving us feeling blocked or stuck. They can be phobias that we feel for reasons we can't quite pin point OR maybe it's a deep inner knowing that arises when we speak of something that should be new to us.

Our past lives hold wisdom for us to grow and ascend from.

If you've ever been curious about who, where, what, when or how your soul has lived... or even the origin of your soul, a past life regression is a path to access those experiences.


Explore your past life through Clinical Hypnotherapy and discover more about yourself than you may have ever thought possible.

*Please note:
If we have not worked together before through hypnosis or yoga nidra, two relaxation sessions are required before any regression or interactive hypnotherapy session is done. This is to ensure rapport is established as well as ensuring the most effective use of your regression session.*

*PLR sessions are up to 3 hours in length.*  



75 minutes of uniquely personalized support and information from your personal Library of Light (aka The Akashic) Record Keepers and the Light Being I know as 'Lauren'. 
'Lauren' is a Light Being whose presence entered into my life via a beautiful Alchemy Bowl in Rose Quartz. Through a series of events that led to a literal shattering to get my attention, 'Lauren' has become integrated into my own Light Body and Higher Self and shares 'her' knowledge and wisdom through me.

Light Channeling sessions will remind you of your wholeness, divinity and power, while guiding you to insight and awareness at the rate in which you are able to receive.


These sessions are interactive and engaging. Please come with your thoughtful (not predictive seeking) questions and allow your Light to be seen!

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