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What is your cancellation policy for private individual sessions?

Cancellations are required 24 regular business hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. As all invoices must be paid in full prior to scheduled appointment, if less than 24 business hours of notice is received, client forfeits that appointment and no refund is issued.
Honouring time and commitment to each party, please understand that when we schedule you for an individual appointment and it is cancelled on short notice, we may not be able to fill that time slot or have already turned work away for that time slot. 
We are human and understand that life happens. We can review this policy, on an individual basis, in the event of serious emergencies.

How many individuals are included in a Private Alchemy Sound Journey?

Our Private Alchemy Sound Journey is 1-2 individuals ONLY. We ask that you be transparent about the number of individuals that you intend to have for these private sessions. If there are more than 2 individuals, the price of the private session will increase according to our rates for special booking policies. We have unpublished rates for groups from 3-8, 9-15 and beyond. For special bookings you must contact us directly for pricing.  See information below for our special booking policy. 

What is your special booking policy?

We regularly schedule special bookings and collaborations. This may include corporate packages, group packages, weddings, birthday celebrations, festivals, etc.. ALL special bookings require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of the total estimate at the time of booking and a minimum of  10 business days for cancellation of the booking. If there are less than 10 business days before cancellation, then booking agent and/or party, will be required to pay 50% of the remaining balance within 10 days of the cancellation. If cancellation for a special booking is made 30-11 days before the scheduled booking, then the booking agent and/or party will be invoiced for 25% of the remaining balance and required to pay within 10 days of the cancellation.
This policy is to honour the time, travel and commitment to each party. Please understand we may not be able to fill that time slot or have already turned work away for an already filled time slot.  Prices for special bookings vary based on factors such as travel distance, travel expenses, number of attendees, accommodation, etc..


Please note that when participating in any of FLOURISH SOUND + WELLNESS INC. programmes or private sessions, that the content provided to you, the client, is not to be shared, recorded or otherwise replicated in any form or format.

We work very hard on putting our programmes together and dedicating our time, energy and resources into them, our own continuing education and research. 

We do require intake paperwork to be signed in order to reflect this privacy policy. 

If you love our work and what we do, we love referrals and testimonials. This keeps us in a position where we can continue to serve with our hearts wide open. 

Our company policy is designed to honour each party's time and commitment.

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