YOU ARE THE ALCHEMIST is a private mentorship programme. A one-to-one, year long investment for those serious about a commitment to nourishing themselves from the tip of their soul to the tip of their toes.

It is a RESET for your Nervous System. Upgrading your body/mind circuitry so you feel and perform better in your everyday life. YOU ARE THE ALCHEMIST is a 2 hour weekly session, woven together with the principles of Alchemy Sound Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Hypnotherapy and Energy Therapy, to be as unique as you are. Guided by science and the ancient practices of mindfulness, you will create stress resilience and bring balance to the body, mind, heart and spirit. These practices will assist you in achieving the beneficial brain wave states that nourish you with what you need to feel better mentally, emotionally and physically.
YOU ARE THE ALCHEMIST works as a beautiful compliment to therapies such as counselling services, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, etc. 

You will;

*bring your body from stress reactions to beneficial relaxation states, (this is where your body and mind can rejuvenate and repair.)
*restoration to the body's nervous system
*create lasting beneficial thought patterns,
*create positive self talk, 
*enhance personal performance 
*boost endorphins
*increase creativity
*boost immunity
*speed recovery time
*respond and not react
*learn relaxation techniques
*be the master of the life you desire.

Once you send in your application for this immersive one year programme, you will receive a call for a 90 minute discovery session. Once you commit to investing in yourself, our time together is 90 minutes per week, for 12 months. 
I recommend that your own time investment daily be no less than 30 minutes per day. This recommendation comes with the experience of knowing that results can not be achieved without real time commitment and practice.

I have taken all of my life's experience, my training and research and put it together so that I can help those of you who desire to equip yourselves with the tools to put stress and anxiety in your past and reunite with your true self. 


Please contact me directly to fill out an application for RESET YOUR LIFE MASTERY.
I work exclusively with 8 clients per year. RESET YOUR LIFE MASTERY programme is for serious inquiries only .