Our landscape has changed.The way we socialize has shifted, the way we shop has changed, the way we learn and teach has morphed into a new model. Even as we emerge into this New World, there remains a level of uncertainty about how everything will look and feel. In short, our compass may feel off, as shifts continue to happen. Change can feel unsettling and uncomfortable. For many, it can feel painful... until we master our inner landscape. Join me for a 6 week series called KEEP YOUR CALM MASTERY, where I will guide you through an understanding of how stress affects physical, emotional and mental health. I will equip you with proven tools of stress reduction that restore your body/mind/spirit. You'll create resilience to life's stresses and tap into your inner guru of calmness. KEEP YOUR CALM MASTERY is a self-paced program that you can use and practice at your convenience over the course of 6 weeks and with commitment and consistency, experience calmer states of being.

I will be with you every step of the way to support and encourage your calm mastery!

Each Monday a fresh video and audio recording will be available in the private Facebook group and approximately 1 hour long. You'll be guided through 

deeply relaxing and restorative practices to bring your 

body to stillness and begin to recognize that you are not your thoughts

(... ooooh! YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE).

You'll plant the seed of intention for the growth you want to see in your life.


Once the 6 weeks is finished, you will have 30 days to request a relaxation recording of your choice for FREE as our gift to you!  (CAD $27 value)If you wish to purchase the remaining relaxation recordings for your ongoing use, you may order them for CAD $97, which is a 40% SAVINGS!