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"Peace comes from within."

... we could equip our kids and teens with the necessary tools to reduce the stress in their lives so that as they grow up, they experience less anxiety, less depression, less chance of addiction or unhealthy vices?
... by teaching them about stillness, relaxation and mindfulness, they could focus better in school, sleep better, reduce tummy issues and growing pains?
... we could teach them that they don't have to believe every thought that comes through their mind?
... we could teach them to find peace within themselves so that when life gets stormy, they are resilient to its effects?
... the benefits of equipping our kids and teens with these tools went even deeper than that and reminded them how incredible they are as humans, giving them poise and self confidence?
... all of this meant they grew up to feel less stress, with less chance of developing digestive issues, heart disease, fertility issues and the plethora of other stress related health issues that have become systemic in our world?

We can equip our beloved future generation to reap the profound advantages of stillness early in life, before the effect of stress snowballs into adulthood.
Mindfulness and relaxation can benefit all kids, of all ages and abilities. Studies have also shown its helpfulness in those with ADD/ADHD, Autism, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, learning challenges and sleep issues.

Alisa has been trained through one of the only professional Kids Certification programs, to deliver age appropriate mindfulness and relaxation techniques to kids ages 5 through to teens.
She is a mom of 4 and step-mom to 2 more and intimately understands the importance of empowering all kids (and adults alike) to find the peace within themselves, creating self-compassion and self-love that ripple out into the world in the most natural of ways. 

Contact Alisa for more information on bringing kid based mindfulness and relaxation to your family or your kids program. You'll find it's not just the kids that benefit. 



"My 10 year old daughter could not fall asleep with all the changes that were happening in her life. A pandemic, school on line and a life without seeing her friends. She is a sensitive little soul and she stayed awake worrying about how her life will now look like. I contacted Alisa, right away she got to work to help my little one feel safe again. Alisa sent me a recording of a yoga Nidra session, which she made just for kids. We tried it and off to sleep she went before the recording was over. She woke up and said that she had the best sleep! Every night when I tuck her in she says “Mom, don’t forget to put MY Alisa on for me”. Nidra has calmed her, it has taught her to relax and to focus and trust her body while she gently falls asleep. This recording can strengthen the bond you have with your child. It teaches them a new way of dealing with life’s stresses. We are forever grateful for Alisa, her calm voice, and huge heart as she as given our family new methods and tools dealing with whatever life throws our way."

Carla Roque, Calgary, AB

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