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"I have been lucky enough to attend a few of Alisa & Cam's sound journeys and it has been a wonderful and relaxing experience each time. They are both such lovely human beings and the energy in their beautiful space is wonderful.
Highly recommend!"


Cam and Alisa are both incredible human beings that will light a fire in your heart and soul. Their ability to heal, understand and relate is nothing short of incredible. Two of the kindest individuals you will ever cross paths with! Highly recommend experiencing one of their sound sessions."


"I have had the privilege of experiencing a Sound Journey, Intuitive Session and Hypnosis Session with Flourish Sound and Wellness. Both Alisa and Cam possess amazingly accurate intuitive healing abilities and after each session I instantly felt a drastic energetic shift - and what can only be described as a return to inner peace and balance. These amazing practitioners deeply care about their clients and work with you every step of the way to tailor their services to your individual needs. I highly recommend their services and will certainly be a repeat client."


"Had the best sleep I've had in years

after just one session can't wait to go back."


"In an ever-stressful, go-go-go world, the best treat you can give yourself is sacred time with Alisa and/or Cam - either by joining one of their magical crystal bowl sound journey sessions, or booking one-on-one hypnotherapy or spiritual guidance time. Alisa's mala necklaces are so beautiful and personalized (I can't wait to get one!) and their presence is unparalleled - genuine, healing and inspiring. I highly recommend any and all of Flourish Sound & Wellness Inc services if you're looking to live a more fabulous, connected, authentic and powerful life. xo


"Alisa and Cam offer a unique and beautiful balance of the masculine and feminine energy in the work that they do. They create a safe space for healing and being vulnerable. I felt calm, steady, balanced and at peace when I left a healing session in their home. This calm stayed with me for many weeks to follow. Highly recommended!


"I’ve attended several sound journey sessions. With each one I’ve had a different wonderful experience. Thank you Cam and Alisa for letting us share your space. The energy in the room is always uplifting. Look forward to the next one."


"Cam and Alisa are wonderful human beings that have aligned with their soul journey. When you watch them together, and then add the bowls, you feel a healing from deep inside. Alisa is a radiant woman with more mindfulness to her friends, her family and her work than I've ever really seen. I adore them both like soul family."


"I've been to many sound bowl journeys held by Cam and Alisa and I am constantly inviting new friends and more family members to join me. I have experienced amazing results during some of my darkest times. Always SUCH a great experience. Highly highly recommend!


I had the pleasure of

experiencing Alisa's expertise

and enjoyed a Nidra Yoga session. It was extremely

relaxing yet releasing.

Alisa is exceptional at explaining these talents and I highly recommend a visit


I just want to say a huge thank you, Alisa, for allowing me to be a part of this. I love Yoga Nidra, and I knew after experiencing sound bowls with you that I would not be disappointed. I loved the experience and look forward to more. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity. For those of you who haven't experienced Yoga Nidra or Sound Bowls with Alisa (& Cam), I highly recommend.


"Your sound journeys have really allowed me to reset my nervous system. I've been missing your magic in my life!"


ALISA FARR   250.215.2008

CAMERON HAYWARD   250.878.7331

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