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 I recently shared (with permission) about a Past Life Regression (PLR) I facilitated for a dear friend and soul sister. @tamaramclellan has shared a video about her experience and I am so honoured to be able to share it. For anyone who may not know, Tamara is an amazing astrologist and she offers readings with her beautiful sister @ang.wild.heart as the @wildskysisters

Their readings are heaped full of insight and wisdom and even more love. 


Both Astrology and Past life Regression offer ways to connect more deeply with ourselves. They provide insights into our experiences that may otherwise remain hidden. When Tamara and I got together to do her PLR, we had no idea how potent the combination of PLR and Astrology would be!

Tamara’s video shares about the incredible alignment of astrological components of this timeline, her PLR timeline and the general (and awe inspiring) insight of how astrology influences our day to day life.


As for PLRs, these sessions can reveal to us our soul’s experiences from other timelines and dimensions that are having direct influence on us in this life’s timeline. Travelling into a PLR give us the opportunity to more deeply understand ourselves and the way experiences influence the way we show up in the world. They can reveal places we have lived, which can often reveal why we have an attraction to certain places or exotic objects. PLRs show us soul connections, contracts, soul work, soul callings, injuries, traumas and much more. They clear the residue of that timeline’s events and experience and allow us to move forward with wisdom gained. The extraordinary power of a PLR is that because it is directly experienced within the clients  own subconscious mind, the residue cleared and wisdom gained is at a cellular/physiological level as well as a spiritual level. They are potent sessions.


What we discovered is that the guidance and wisdom by combining both these areas of practice were amplified in the most mind blowing way! We kept saying ‘you can’t make this sh*t up’ when she revealed all the details of her star sleuthing as they correlated to her PLR details. 


What we recognized is how this combination can give profound insight, guidance and affirmation on how our soul is coded, which in turn can help us to step more fully into our calling, cultivate a deeper understanding of who we were born to be, those who are in our life, the lessons of those connections and clarity to the challenges we have faced as we move timeline to timeline. In short, a powerful navigational life tool has been created for us. 

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