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Alchemy Sound Therapy (sometime called Sound Baths) are an ancient and therapeutic way to relax, rebalance, rejuvenate and detoxify your body at a cellular level. We use the finest grade Alchemy Crystal Bowls available. Made with 99.99% pure crystal quartz with the addition of earth elements, crystals and/or metals (the Alchemy), the crystal amplifies and enhances the properties of the Alchemy addition in the bowl.  Each individual bowl is unique and is tuned to a note that corresponds to an individual energy centre in the body and because of this, the energy centres enjoy a re-calibration and balancing. The pure tones of the bowls when played,  interact with the body by vibrating deeply but gently into the watery, crystalline structure of the body's cells. (Think sound waves travelling through salty water.) It is a profound way to heal our bodies when we are physically injured as well as assisting in releasing emotional traumas. 
Benefits of an Alchemy Sound Therapy can include, but are not limited to, better sleep patterns, increased circulation, improved immunity, calmness and boosted creativity.

Alisa and Cameron have traveled with their Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls from the incredible Rocky Mountains of Canada to the gorgeous Southern Okanagan Valley, including the world class Summerhill Pyramid Winery. We have played for Drumming Circles, Breathwork Workshops, Energy Integration Ceremonies, Solstices, Equinoxes, New and Full Moon.

They have fundraised for women battling addiction, brought Alchemy Sound Therapy to their rehabilitation facility and regularly bring their unique combination and energy of our bowls and Yoga Nidra to a rehabilitation program for recovery for Canadian Veterans as part of their healing journey from PTSD.

 They offer Group Alchemy Sound Journeys, Private Alchemy Sound Therapy and Collaborations.

You can order their debut album, The Medicine of Stillness Volume 1 by connecting directly with

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