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Sanctuary of Sound + Soul

Alisa brings together her life's experience, her powerful intuition and her wide variety of practices into potent sessions to assist you in your own alchemical transformation.

When you seek clarity, insight or guidance...
When you're just not sure what or where the obstacle showing up in your life is...
When you need nurturance, alignment or rest...

When you need to be reminded of your divine nature and reacquainted with how to connect back to your Self...
When you're looking to elevate your personal frequency... 

When you need a safe space to let it all out and simply come back to your breath...

This is the space to come.


Your session is guided by the energy you bring into the space. 
Your session may include a Light Channeling with Alchemy Sound, a Past Life Regression with Bio Field Tuning to clear any residual energies, maybe a practice of deep stillness where your body experiences restoration, a nature walk and guided meditation or a session of letting it all out and coming back to your breath.
No two sessions are alike.

Working with Alisa is about empowering you to re-establish connection to your own innate wisdom in a world that desires to keep you disoriented and disconnected to yourself. She will guide you back to your heart, give you insight into your energetic field, translate the wisdom that is Divinely shared to light your way along your path.
She brings compassion to her sessions, having been through the fires of refinement in her own life. She is not one to sugar coat the information she receives, she is however a nurturer by nature and you will feel heard, seen and reminded that you are divinely created.

*Please note: Sanctuary of Sound + Soul mentorship is booked in packages of 6 biweekly sessions.




Immerse yourself in the frequencies of  alchemy sound with pure alchemy crystal bowls and sacred sound tools, as they take you on a journey of personal revelation.
Book private or group

sessions directly by emailing



Rest is medicine.

Rest is alignment.

Rest is transformation.

Rest is regenerative.

Rest is radically revolutionary.

Rest is sacred.


your body mind, heart

and spirit into

the depths of radical revolutionary sacred rest.


Come with your questions about this life, past lives and all that exists in between. Working within the

Library of Light and with the Light Being 'Lauren' your will be 

reminded of  your wholeness,

divinity and power, while guidance and insight are shared.



Soul Medicine sessions are a deeply relaxing, often subtle, yet powerful

practice of assisting both the physical and the energetic bodies too release stagnant energy and restore alignment through the channeling of Source Energy. These sessions can be of assistance for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and include a combination of

Energy Therapy, Pranic Clearing, Channeled messages as well as Biofield Tuning with tuning forks.


If you've ever been curious about who, where, what, when or how your soul has lived... or even the origin of your soul, a past life regression is a path to access those experiences through the power of your unconscious mind.

Dreamscape 1_edited_edited.jpg


Reintroducing ourselves to our intimate 

connection with our breath. Reacquainting ourselves with how breath

is woven into every aspect of our

body, heart, mind and spirit. 


Where we learn the language of our breath and how to tune into its deep wisdom.

Remembering it is the Divine spark that flows through us, in us and all around us...

and where we 

re-establish its power as a tool to be fully present in the now, elevate our creativity, manifest our reality, enhance our energetic vitality and raise our frequency.

IMG_8606 (2)_edited.jpg


A collaboration of Astrology and Past Life Regression to assist you in cultivating a deeper understanding of who you were created to be. 
Soul Codes begins with a Natal Chart Astrology reading by @wildskysisters + (@tamaramclellan + @ang.wild.heart), then a 
Past Life Regression by @flourishsound 's

Alisa Farr. With the details that arise within your PLR, notes from the session are then shared with Tamara to sleuth the starry details and connections of the timelines.
A report for you to review is then shared.
Follow up session are also available after your initial Soul Codes sessions.
Please note: Soul Codes is a separate collaboration and not part of the Alchemy of Transformation packages.


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